The Right Steps Essential For Your Detox Now

There are state and non-governmental organizations and public rehabilitation centers dealing with primary prevention of drug addiction and social rehabilitation of drug addicts.In most of these organizations people who recover from drug addiction work. They themselves have gone through a difficult path of rehabilitation and are in a state of remission for several months and years.

Rehabilitation and detox begin with the drug addict’s full admission of his illnessand then follows the realization of the essence of this dependence, its manifestations and its dependent behavior. This awareness is the basis for building further recovery – the addict learns to cope with stressful situations and build his relationships with others in a new way, to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. And in the process of rehabilitation, it is important to consolidate the complete refusal to use any psychoactive substances.

Paid and free rehabilitation centers

Many people are concerned with the question: how many patients after rehabilitation are permanently “tied up” with drugs? To assess the real results of rehabilitation is unambiguously very difficult, since in non-state centers after the course the further fate of the drug addict is practically not monitored. Nevertheless, the data of some non-governmental organizations testify that 30-40% of those who have undergone rehabilitation do not return to using drugs any more.

  • In state rehabilitation centers, drug dependent addicts are provided free of charge, or anonymously for money. Non-state rehabilitation centers also provide free and paid assistance to drug addicts.Most non-state organizations are self-supporting, that is, they do not have funding from the state. A free rehab center for drug addicts can also work using the work of the patients themselves. Rehabilitators perform various works that do not require qualification, and this pays for the maintenance costs of the center.
  • Some of these organizations exist with the support of religious organizations and conduct rehabilitation of drug addicts for free. But choosing a rehabilitation center, founded by a religious organization, should be vigilant. Under the guise of helping many sects use the labor of sick people as their own enrichment.
  • Most of the rehabilitation centers for drug addicts work on a fee basis. The maintenance of the staff of 10-12 people, comfortable premises for rehabilitation work, comfortable living conditions for rehabilitants, of course, require an appropriate fee.

Treatment for drug addiction at home is completely unjustified, since no one has recovered from this disease on their own. Poorly managed drug treatment at home can endanger human life. If complications arise, the doctor in time will not be able to carry out resuscitation of the patient, and such treatment can cause irreparable harm to a person. The most effective treatment can be obtained in clinics, where highly qualified specialists work, and there is everything necessary to provide narcological assistance.

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